"Will we make payroll this month?"

Get cashflow insight in seconds and put an end to stomach churning moments like these.

Debtze Mobile - iPhone and Android

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The Three Pillars of Debtze

Cashflow forecast
Cash days forecast

Clear, automated forcasting of when you run out of cash in a language all business owners understand.

Invoice chasing
Chase overdue invoices

Multi-channel invoice reminders for better effect. Esculation through email, SMS and automated phone calls to get you paid.

The Debtze Sentinal
24/7 finance monitoring

The Debtze Sentinal watches over your accounts 24/7. Alerts are sent when it notices something odd or a threshold is triggered.

Whether you’re a plumber or start-up founder, Debtze has your back - chasing money, giving you fast, intelligent insight and warning you before things go wrong.

"Debtze does things in seconds that would take hours otherwise."

Steve Partridge, SJP Air

Cash is King. Period.

Most businesses can survive short-term periods of making a loss, but we can only run out of cash once before it's game over.

It's hard enough to run a business day-to-day, but without a true understanding of your cashflow, burn rate and cashflow forecast a few months ahead, you're doing it blind.

Debtze gives you cashflow insight in seconds using clear graphics and plain talking language. We also automatically chase what's owed to you through a highly effective, multi-channel debtor management process.

We've got your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key features

Cashflow & alerts
  • Up to the minute view of how many day's cash you have left
  • Constant analysis of live data straight out of Xero
  • Clear, straight-forward language
  • Apply triggers and thresholds on account changes
    and balances
  • Receive push and in-app alerts when things are triggered   eg. your cash days hit 45 days
  • Native mobile apps for daily use and notification
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The Debtze Mobile App
Debtor management
  • Your debtor management is directly integrated to your cash
    flow forecasts and alerting.
  • You only need one addon, not three!
  • Multi-channel invoice reminders to chase overdue invoices.
  • Use our proprietary dunning process that esculates from
    email to SMS and automated phone calls
  • Turn on automated reminders only for those customers you
    want Debtze to manage
  • Easily see which invoices and how much Debtze is chasing.
    Get notified when they are paid

Grow your fingernails back and sleep again.

Debtze will help you sleep at night by ensuring you know well in advance of cashflow problems, while making sure we are chasing those invoices that are overdue. This is how.
Debtze Cashflow Insight
Cashflow insight straight from Xero.

Within seconds of connecting Debtze to Xero you'll get immediate insight into your cashflow without having to pick up a calculator or open a spreadsheet.

You'll know what's overdue, what your average cash burn rate is and be pre-warned of any potential cash holes in the future.

And with our beautiful mobile apps, you can keep on top of it daily. With a quick glance in the morning you'll know how many days cash you have left, what you owe and what your current liabilities are.

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Debtze Automated Payments and Collections
Chase lazy payers through ways that actually work

Over 90% of late invoice payments are down to lazy payers.

By using hard won knowledge, we have created an industry leading, automated debt collection process that puts your non-payers though a proven process of e-mail, SMS and voice messaging that quite simply works.

Debtze Automated Payments and Collections
Your 24/7/365 Financial Controller

Think of Debtze as your automated Finance Director that never takes a holiday.

Debtze will work away in the background ensuring all invoices are paid to keep the money flowing in, and we will notify you when we think there is a potential cashflow issue looming.

It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up and get insights from Debtze. Why not try it?