We know what it's like to run a business.

Cash flow headaches and non-paying customers.
We've had our fair share of sleepless nights and heart-skipping moments too.

We built Debtze because we had the problems you do.

Ugly spreadsheets that go out of date, frustrating cash flow software that you had to import your data into constantly - it was all a headache. And then there's that thankless task most of us hate - chasing money.

We've had over 20 years experience of running small and medium-sized businesses, and these are the common things that stood out when trying to keep your head above water. From London to Auckland, Sydney to New York and beyond, the issues were the same in every business we ran, and every business we spoke to.

The spark.

No one goes out of business from a lack of profit, but a lack of cash is a massive big problem. Search as we may, we could not find a solution to help us get cash flow insight and make the process of chasing money easier. There was nothing that was automated, clear and accurate; everything was a hassle and all we needed was something to make cash flow management easy. Then came Xero and the spark we needed. We finally saw how we could set about to help businesses like ours and yours get a handle on cash flow. Debtze was born.

Fun, data-driven and pragmatic.
Yes, we said "fun" and "data" in the same sentence.

The difference.

What’s different about Debtze is our strength in writing code that is powered by industry metrics, crazy algorithms, a deep understanding of cash flow and how it directly affects a business. Our tried and tested debt collection processes set the measure as cash collected, not reminders sent.

The smarts.

Our cash flow model runs off your up-to-date data directly from your Xero general ledger, so we give you an accurate window into the future based on real data. It identifies potential shortfalls in your cash balance, while chasing down late payers to ensure you have money coming in on time.

The cash flow management algorithm analyses your cash burn rate versus money in (plus lots of other maths) and acts as an early warning system for your business. By giving you a future cash forecast with a warning on the amount of days left you have in cash, you can smooth any bumps in the road long before you hit them. Debtze graphically presents it's analysis and allows you to drill down into the data when further scrutiny is needed.

Our debt collection solution is a fully automated, multi-channel platform that puts your non-payers down a proven dunning (debt collection) process that utilises email, SMS and automated phone calls.

We base our algorithms on data that is backed by hundreds of millions of successful collection outcomes, so we’re a lot more prescriptive than our competitors. We know what to say, how to say it and when to deliver it to drive the highest probability of payment.

The humans.

See us as your automated Finance Director and Account Receivables team, but always feel free to drop us humans an email if you have any questions. If you need some advice on any part of the cash flow and collections journey, or you have queries about our product, you can get us at support (at) debtze.com

We are the alchemy of three mates who each
bring their skill and banter in equal measures.

Paul "No Socks"
Industry know-it-all who's been chasing debts automatically for years with the big guys. Knows how to party.
Tech head, background in building businesses, has a taste for code, platforms and the command line. Likes mountains.
Legal beagle with a background in big finance, but with a tendency to get paper cuts and throw phones.

This is the start of something beautiful...

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