We don't believe in complex pricing, so you don't need to do mental gymnastics to work out what you pay for Debtze.

One company, with one set of books?
That's $7.99 a month for as many users as you like and as many invoice reminders you need.*

per month, paid annually*

or $9.99 per month if paid month-to-month*

per organsation, synced to Xero
unlimited customer invoice reminders.
Email, SMS and automated calls included
automated cashflow analysis
unlimited threshold alerts and notifications
unlimited users
The first 14 days are free
No credit card required

We only charge by the number of seperate organsations you have signed up to Debtze.

You can have more, you just pay another $95.90 per year for each extra set of accounts you have.

 Invoice reminders

Our dunning process esculates through email, SMS and finally finishes with automated phone calls in order to remind your customers of what is overdue.

And it's all included in the same, simple price for as many invoices as you need.*


Business partner needs access to Debtze's insights? Need to let the non-exec's keep their finger on the button? How about giving access to your general manager and accountant?

We have it covered - invite who you like to Debtze, and revoke access when you need to. All inclusive.

  Alerts and rules

Debtze allows many different triggers and threshold alerts to be set, so you can fire-and-forget and leave us to keep you informed when you need to be.

And you don't need a quantum computer to calculate how many alerts might be triggered before you go into a "premium" plan and pay four times the base price.

Questions about our pricing?

What is a user?

A user is any member of your team who has their own Debtze login. Each user has unlimited access to all of Debtze's features, subject to the access they have in the accounting package you have connected to Debtze, or any restriction you place on their account.

Can I have different companies on a single Debtze account?

You sure can. You can have as many companies as you’d like in your Debtze account, but you will pay $7.99 a month for each one.*

How does the free trial work?

It’s simple: you’ll create a Debtze account and add as many users as you’d like (they are free, remember?) You’ll have unlimited access to all of Debtze's features and, after 14 days, we’ll ask you for your credit card information. You'll then be billed $95.90 per year or $9.99 a month if you go month-to-month.

I'm an advisor, do you have a partner programme?

Yes! We actively work with accountants, bookkeepers and advisors. Contact us directly here >>

It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up and get insights from Debtze. Why not try it?

* - Yes, yes. There is always a "but..." In our case, this little asterix means that things are subject to a fair usage policy, and if paid annually, upfront. If your business sits well outside what we deem to be fair usage of our services (and for the geeks, this means we use bell curve to find the outliers), we *might* contact you to have a chat. Or send the boys around.