The Debtze Privacy Policy.

1. You own your data

Debtze is an online cash flow management and debt collection system that accesses financial information about a company, as provided by that company's accounting software or entered by an individual. Debtze will store information that is entered by You, or automatically imported from Your integrated accounting package, Xero. The Data entered, or imported on instruction, by You remains Your property and We (Debtze Ltd) will not use nor make available for use any of this information without Your permission.

2. You control who has access to your data

You retain ownership of all data you enter or upload to Debtze, and have ultimate control over who has access to it. The Data entered is stored securely in a database and You control that access via user accounts that only you can create, which allows you to give your colleagues and accountant access. It is your responsibility to keep Your password safe.

We do not have access to Your password and therefore are unable to access Your account or Data without Your permission.

We do not have access to Your Xero accounting software, password or details. You can revoke access to Debtze from these services within their applications at any time.

3. Debtze monitors System Usage - what we collect, and why.

We will never access specific transaction details or financial information for a specific identifiable user, except where granted permission by that person to assist with resolution of a system issue or error.

We may monitor patterns of usage, such as login dates and volumes of data, so we can understand how people are using the system and to ensure our servers are capable. We therefore keep track of IP address to track engagement, and to communicate with individual users.

Debtze utilises cookies and other technical measures that enable us to monitor traffic patterns and to serve you more efficiently if you revisit the site. A cookie does not identify You personally or contain any other information about You or Your Organisation, but it does identify Your computer. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie and this will provide you with an opportunity to either accept or reject it in each instance.

Debtze will not sell or otherwise provide Your personal information to a third party, or make any other use of personal information about You for any purpose which is not incidental to the normal use of the Service.

You can also choose to store a permanent cookie that allows you to access your account without logging in each time ('Remember Me on This Computer'). When you explicitly log out, this cookie is removed.

These cookies contain no personal information about you.

For more information about cookies (including how to set browsers to reject cookies) please visit the website set up by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (Europe) at .

4. Data is sent securely over the internet

Our servers have SSL Certificates issued by leading certificate authorities GeoTrust, so all Data transferred between users and the Service is encrypted. However, the Internet is not in itself a secure environment. Users should only enter, or instruct the importation of, Data to the database within a secure environment. This means that Your browser must support the encryption security used in connection with the Service.

Debtze is administered in London, United Kingdom, while our data is stored on secure servers in Europe and the US, depending on Your home region. Where You access or input Data from somewhere other than the country where the Data is stored or to be stored, You consent to that Data being transferred from one country to the other (including via any intermediate country) as a function of transmission across the Internet.

5. Access to your data at any time

Provided You have met Your obligations under the Service Terms of Use, on request We will provide You with a full export of the Data in a common file format determined by Us.

6. Cancelling your account and deleting your data

To remove your account and data - simply email [email protected] and your data will be deleted and removed from our servers. You can also revoke access to Debtze from within your API settings in Your Xero accounting software.

7. Privacy Policy may be updated

Debtze Ltd reserves the right to change this policy at any time and any amended policy is effective upon the posting on this website. Debtze Ltd will make every effort to communicate these changes to You via email or notification via the website.

Please also read our terms and conditions.

Last updated May 15th, 2016.