Debtze Terms of Service.

Terms of service Agreement between Debtze Ltd.

29 Heddon St
London W1B 4BL
United Kingdom

and You, as user.

Scope of this Agreement

The Software-Product accompanying this Agreement as a pre-release copy and all affiliated materials, including documentation and information (collectively the "Product"), is copyrighted. Scope of this agreement is the licensing (not selling) of the "Product" to You, as the `user' (either an individual or an entity). Debtze Ltd. reserves all rights not expressly granted.

Extent of Use / User Duties

Debtze Ltd. grants the User a simple, non-exclusive and temporally restricted right to use the "Product" solely for the purpose of testing. Your rights in the "Product" are limited to those expressly granted in this agreement. In particular, Debtze Ltd. reserves all rights of reproduction, distribution and publication.

The license is restricted to the respective version acquired, i.e. new versions must be re-licensed. Debtze Ltd. is not obligated to provide maintenance, technical support or updates to the User. In no event shall Debtze Ltd. be obligated to provide the User a copy of the commercial release version of the "Product"". Debtze Ltd. is not obligated to make the "Product"" commercially available.

The license is restricted to the object code of the "Product". Debtze Ltd. is not obliged to provide the user with the source code. The user may not reverse engineer, decompile, dis- and/or reassemble, or change, alter, modify the "Product"; or create derivative works, enhancements extensions or add-ons to/of any part of the "Product".

This license entitles the user to install and use the "Product" on only one single location (only one computer normally). If this location is part of a multi-user-system, or if the "Product" is to be designed for getting installed on a server centrally (and to be used in a network system), the license is valid for all authorised users of the related system.

A transfer of the "Product" or any portion of it to third parties under retention of any usage possibilities is excluded, unless Debtze Ltd. permits such a transfer in a written agreement with the user. The user is obliged to prevent unauthorised access to the "Product" by third parties through the implementation of appropriate precautionary measures. The original storage media delivered and any backups are to be stored in a location protected against unauthorised access by a third party. The User is to be obliged to advise potential employees to respect copyright and the terms of this agreement.

The User shall not rent, lease, sell, sublicense, assign any portion of the "Product" or the "Product" itself.

Duplication of the "Product" is prohibited, provided that the duplication is not necessary for the normal operation of the "Product". Duplication is considered necessary when it occurs during the installation of the "Product" to a hard disk from the accompanying media and when downloading or printing-out data from the running application for exclusively personal use. In addition, the User may create a backup copy when such action is necessary to ensure future use of the "Product" in the contractually implied, exclusively personal manner.

Translation of the "Product" is prohibited.

Any copy protection system, copyright-notice, or registration-number built into the "Product", or any other characteristics that serve to identify the program, are not to be removed by the User.

Term of Agreement

The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date of User's acceptance of these terms and will continue for 2 months. A continuation of the term may be granted by Debtze Ltd on written request.

Aside from the termination of the right of use by reason of time lapse, this Agreement will terminate without notice upon the commercial release of the "Product".

Furthermore, the rights conferred to the User under this agreement terminate without notice from Debtze Ltd. if the User fails to comply with any term(s) of this agreement.

In all cases of termination, the User is obliged to give all media containing "Product" and Documentation back to Debtze Ltd. and to remove the "Product" and all files built with it's help from the hard drive in a way that guarantees non-recoverability and, upon demand by Debtze Ltd., to confirm the complete removal through a declaration in lieu of oath. In either case User shall confirm to Debtze Ltd the deletion of the "Product" in written by ideally using the corresponding form of Debtze Ltd.


The User binds itself not to circulate and to keep severely secret any kind of information, particularly with regard to technical, financial, organisational aspects, of which he or his organs, auxiliary persons, representatives, or other assigned persons get aware in coherence with this contract and/or during collaboration. In case of doubts the User binds itself to confer with Debtze Ltd.

The User is obliged to bind organsations, assistants, auxiliary persons, representatives or other persons who could get in contact to information in the same way.

Further Terms

This agreement may not be modified, varied or altered, unless agreed upon in writing by both contracting parties.

This agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law.

This agreement, together with the general terms and conditions of Debtze Ltd., comprises the entire agreement between Debtze Ltd. and the User.

If any current or future provision of this agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement will not be affected.

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Last updated March 30th, 2016.